Private Dance and Fitness Classes with Anna

Anna’s private training methods embrace knowledge she has gained from years of dancing and teaching experience in the United States and Europe

Anna’s knowledge, combined with her hands on personal approach, creates a productive and unique experience for student and teacher.

A Private Session with Anna is 90 minutes. Eastside and Westside locations available!

Scroll down to read how one of Anna's personally tailored program helped one student make a full recovery from serious injuiry.

Private training options include:

Body Ballet®

Floor Barre - Barre A Terre - Stretching - Ballet Barre - Injury Recovery


Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Pre-Professional - Professional - Pointe - Floor Barre – Barre à terre

Floor Barre

Conditioning - Stretching - Injury Recovery

A personal, at home routine of exercises will be created just for you to gain strength, flexibility and muscle memory

Your routine will be updated by Anna via email after each private session. You can contact Anna anytime with questions regarding your personal exercises. She expects you to do it EVERYDAY!

Anna strongly believes that repetition in a well-thought-out routine will speed up the process of:

  • getting stronger
  • improve flexibility
  • assist recovery from injury
  • greatly improve posture
  • allow an understanding of true core engagement
  • and of course…improve technique.

How Private Training with Anna helped Carole

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I had a massive ski accident in March 2010: multi fracture of the tibia and of the tibial plateau. I have a rod along my tibia and one in my knee with eleven pins. I lost all my quadriceps muscles in two weeks. After that, I had to learn again how to walk. I started in the water, then on land. I worked with physical therapists and highly qualified professionals. After exercising every single day for a year, my legs were still not the same size, I was panicked in crowd, my quadriceps stopped growing and my spirits were very low.

I met Anna and after seeing me walk for 30 seconds she discovered what nobody had seen before: I was not putting any weight at all on my injured leg. I saw Anna on a weekly basis in individual class and exercised at home strictly following the exercises she had set up for me. My quads grew bigger before our very eyes and in four months I was back on track and able to join the collective class at CDAB.

I feel greater than ever, physically and mentally. Anna knows particularly well the human body and was able to tell me which movements were appropriate for me without putting any weight on the knee, which was strictly forbidden in my case. She also gave me advice regarding which food to favor in order to grow muscle. And her endless energy helped me never to give up. Thank you so much Anna!

Carole New York City

To find out more or to reserve a private training session please call (212) 517-8113 or contact Anna personally to discuss what sort of program will work for you.