Body Ballet® – The Complete Ballet Workout

Ballet Workout by Anna Lederfeind

A total fitness Ballet workout - learn an art form while getting fit

Body Ballet® is a unique Ballet workout program created by CDAB founder Anna Lederfeind that takes the principles of classical ballet training and adapts them to benefit the needs of today’s active woman – of any age. You don’t need previous dance experience only a desire to learn.

The Body Ballet® class incorporates Anna’ s unique Ballet Barre exercises and strength-building techniques adapted from those practiced by professional dancers to maintain their fitness and long, lean bodies.

This class prepares the body for the demand of dance. If you always wanted to learn ballet or just want to get in great shape, this is the class for you!

Scroll down to read what Anna's students have to say about Body Ballet®.

Body Ballet® has 3 parts

Warm Up

Cardio / dance conditioning with plyometric moves as (squats, plank and more)

Floor Barre

Core strength and flexibility

Classical Ballet Barre

Ballet basics, improve posture, long lean musculature

Body Ballet® was created for YOU

Anna created Body Ballet® because friends and parents of her dancer students asked for a class for ‘them.’ Some were mothers of young children. Some were former dancers coming back from injuries or an absence from the dance world. Others, including cancer survivors, wanted to strengthen and rediscover the joy of their bodies. Still others wanted the chance to learn an art form with a new method of fitness.

We believe Body Ballet® will greatly contribute to:

  • Increased self-confidence and pride in your body
  • Strong back and abdominals for improved posture
  • Greater balance and coordination
  • Improved overall body flexibility for long-lasting health

Hands-on placement with personal corrections is a vital part of Anna’s teaching. She uses her knowledge and passion for dance and fitness to create a positive and supportive environment where transformation is not only encouraged but openly experienced. Body Ballet® is a safe and energizing ballet workout and the most popular program at CDAB.

What our students say about Body Ballet®

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Anna and her method are one of those precious and unique things NY has to offer. It's the opportunity to be taught by a top notch ballet teacher that truly cares and invests in each student. She explains and corrects from beginning to end making sure it's properly done.

Her class is not only an amazing work out; you strengthen from the core, it gives you the technique, it improves your posture, it's like a physiotherapist session, you feel your body align!

It is also Anna's energy and her ability to make you push yourself.  She is committed to you keeping you motivated and infusing discipline. What can I say, I'm an unconditionally true believer!


Danser avec Anna, c’est être à ‘'l’écoute de son corps au moins une fois dans la journée. C’est sentir et ressentir tous ses muscles, toutes ses articulations même ceux et celles que l’on ignore. Danser avec Anna, c’est sortir de sa zone de confort et y prendre du plaisir. C’est avoir la sensation, cours après cours de repousser ses limites.

Danser avec Anna, c’est être pris dans un tourbillon d’énergie et de bienveillance en toute circonstance. En un mot, danser avec Anna c’est tout simplement se faire du bien!



If you feel like nothing is helping you to get strong, contact Anna today and discuss what sort of program will work for you.