Beginner Ballet

Lets you take advantage of all the benefits that ballet has to offer and also have fun

A real beginner ballet class where you are not expected to have had previous experience.

Using Anna’s technique de base approach, you will learn the basics and fundamentals that will allow you to enjoy ballet.

The class is filled with detailed and important background explanations of what each exercise will do for your muscles and your body as a whole.

Beginner Ballet consists of

Barre Work

Detailed yet engaging; it emphasizes proper posture and graceful “port de bras” – carriage of the arms.

Center Work

Challenges you with balance and combinations of 2 and 3 steps linked together for a sense of movement and dancing across the floor.

"Anna combines the the artistic beauty of dance with the intense regime of a total body fitness workout. I tore my ACL when I was younger so I was looking for a class that was fun and challenging, but also healthy. Anna is very focused on the body's health, so she will never push you too far and gives guidance about injury. I have tried just about every type of gym classes offered in NYC..barre, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cycling, but none got me in as good of shape or made me look as good as Anna's classes. Plus, if you enjoy dance, or have ever wanted to try it, you will be taught by a real professional dancer"

 - Amy, Beginner Ballet student